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Teacher and Visionary

As a youngster, Ashley (known as “Mugs” to her Dad) had a fond love of music, dance and laughter. At the age of 8 (and a half) a close friend invited her to a ‘bring a friend to Irish Dance’ class. From then on, Ashley’s heart was one with Irish Dance and there was no looking back. This was the start to a journey that Ashley would come to cherish and adore for a very long time.

With the flame only just lit, Ashley was fueled by her own passion to grow, as well by her teachers and fellow dancers alike, which helped motivate and push her to turn her dreams into reality.

By age 12, Ashley was fortunate enough to start travelling and attending major dance championships at the North American and Worldwide level. She was constantly inspired by those around her, to always keep going and no matter what, simply do her best.  Like any athlete, she  persevered and proudly plunged herself through a 15 year competitive Irish Dance career; accepting the moments of disappointment but also celebrating the best of moments; knowing that today is today and tomorrow is a new day.

With an extended list of mentors, teachers, friends, and especially her family (Thanks Mum, Dad, Willy, Uncle B and Aunt T, Gramps and Gran) Ashley went on to compete at the highest level, earning Canadian Championship titles, North American podium finishes, World/International placement and recalls, and local competition wins.   

Ashley always knew that after retiring from her competitive career that she wanted to pass on the torch to the younger generation and help fuel and inspire Irish Dancers, to achieve their best successes.  At 26, she wrote her teachers exam and became a licensed teacher with the CLRG (An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha – The Irish Dance Governing Body).

In 2020, the Davidson Keith Academy of Irish Dance was born; With the continuation of Ashley’s journey and the start of a journey for the next generation of Irish Dancers, she can humbly say that she could not be more proud of herself and what she was able achieve during her Irish Dance competitive years and looks forward to instilling that same passion with her own Irish Dance students.    

Ashley Davidson: About
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